System In-House Warranty

  • The U-PC Wholesale in-house computer system warranty includes troubleshooting and repair or replacement of defective components within the computer system.

  • The U-PC Wholesale in-house computer system warranty coverage period does not extend the manufacturer's warranty coverage period on any components of the computer system.

  • If a defective component requires replacement, U-PC Wholesale will exchange the component with the manufacturer if the component is still under the warranty coverage period extended by the manufacturer.

  • For components that have exceeded the manufacturer’s warranty coverage period, U-PC Wholesale will replace or have repaired the component if the customer agrees to cover the costs of component exchange or repair.

  • System modifications may void the In-House computer system warranty. Modifications that void the warranty include, but are not limited to: removal or reduction in capacity of cooling fans, over-clocking of any component of the system, processor removal or replacement, power supply modifications or replacement, the addition of components that will exceed the capacity of the power supply, and any other damage caused when performing the system modification.

  • The customer will cover shipping costs to ship the computer system to U-PC Wholesale for repair.

  • U-PC Wholesale will cover shipping costs to ship the computer system to the customer after repair.

  • Operating system damage or corruption may require a complete reload of the operating system, at the discretion of U-PC Wholesale. U-PC Wholesale does not accept responsibility for lost data.

  • The standard U-PC Wholesale in-house warranty on computer systems is one year. Additional warranty coverage time can be purchased at the time of sale.

  • U-PC Wholesale computer systems purchased without an operating system (bare-bones) do not carry a U-PC Wholesale in-house system warranty.